Chicory is used as substitute of Coffee

Chicory is used as substitute of Coffee. Dried chicory cube is used with coffee to make it taste sweet and to reduce bitterness of coffee. Dried Chicory is used in liquid and powder. Dried chicory cube is raw form of chicory.

Chicory is done as contract farming by Jupiter Food Products, we purchase seed from abroad and then in month of September we give seed to farmer. Seed is given to farmer and doing for dried chicory is done in month of October.

Chicory crop comes in the mid month of march and farmers cut the flower and crop comes in tractor to dycing plant.

Dycing plants are centre where the crop is brought by farmers and its been cut into small cube size approx. 14mm.

Once the crop is converted into cube it is layer in open field over tarpaulin for sun dry. Crop takes 3 days to lose all of its moisture and converted to sun dried cube.

Sun dried cube is raw material for roasted chicory cube, which is used in coffee. Sun dried cube resemble like wood.

We are know for maintaining high quality sun dried cube it take additional manpower and hard work to maintain the cube of colour. In chicory crop it is very difficult to maintain white colour.