Do you know –the famous "Nescafe" has a mixture of 70% coffee powder and 30% of Chicory

Everybody prefers beverage Coffee and Tea. Do you know –the famous "Nescafe" has a mixture of 70% coffee powder and 30% of Chicory. The biggest difference between the coffee bean and chicory cube is, it does not contain caffeine at all. We all have used coffee beans as an immediate option for keeping us awake during exams and working hours. The presence of caffeine keeps us awake as it is strong. But the chicory cube has natural "chicory root" extraction which does not let you feel tired. Chicory keeps you energetic and active at the work front. Apart from that, Chicory has many health benefits.

• It acts as a prominent agent in the case of hyperuricemia. This "hyperuricemia" refers to the presence of uric acid in the body in the excess amount. It can be hazardous to health as it surpasses through liver, and ends up channelizing in the bloodstream.

• Chicory plays a significant role in enhancing our face beauty. It eliminates the unwanted arising of wrinkles and paleness of the skin. The chicory root helps the skin’s collagen in smoothen our skin and also boosts up the glowing look.

• There are many food products which act as an anti-inflammatory agent to and they are natural. As per the data published in the Journal of Agriculture and food chemistry, the contains of “chicory acid" in the chicory plant has been of utmost significance to anti-inflammation.

• It maintains the balance of sugar level in the blood. It is highly beneficial for the diabetes patient to keep their insulin under control.

• Till the date, chicory plant has no history of toxicity contains.

If you are a morning person/ your works needs relaxation of freshness, chicory coffee is the best booster for you. A sip of it and you will feel calm as well as joyful both. Jupiter Food suggests you to add on 1/3rd of chicory coffee to your milk. Some of the European countries like Belgium and Netherland are famous for procuring best coffee flavour ice creams. And yes! They use chicory coffee as their basic ingredient.

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