Jupiter-ChicoryCubes, RoastedChicory Cubes Manufacturer In India

Well! When the coffee is on the date verge, you should never miss the chance of impression. Chicory cubes are much more explicit and protein worth in the matter of beverages. Jupiter Food, one of the leading manufacturers of Chicory cubes serves you all the varieties of available chicory.

Roasted chicory is one such variant. Let me introduce you to the depth of roasted chicory. As we all know chicory tastes bitter but we can’t neglect the healthy gaining from the same. Roasted chicory, when served with fried eggs and lemon squeezed on the top, results into the best supper. Well! The extraction of chicory plant root needs much of cleaning, and washing before grinding it further. Jupiter Foods serves you the most hygienic and world-class chicory coffee cubes. No doubt, chicory is a bitter-tasting cube, but you can't deny the fact that it contains inulin which is a rich source of fibre. While chopping off the chicory roots, one needs to make sure that its cutter is in the equal size. And then, the drying process takes place. To roast chicory, is a tricky process as it takes a longer duration. Therefore, one must keep it a lower temperature, around 300'F or else it would result in burning.

You must try the roasted chicory once, you will ask for it again. Get your Roasted chicory today. Order with Jupiter Foods.