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Well! Tea and Coffee, both are the major boost to the human mind. When referring worldwide, Coffee backs a major place. Chicory is one such version of coffee cubes which is extracted out from the roots of the chicory plant. One such variation of chicory is Roasted Chicory. As chicory cubes are extracted out of the root of the chicory plant, they are deemed to be safer for a healthy diet.

Roasted chicory adds a different level of flavour test as it is the admixture of several blends. Chicory has no caffeine and that’s why people, who drink Coffee daily, should opt for chicory. It helps people in containing their addictive attitude towards caffeine. People who are always conscious of fitness and diet, they mostly look up to the eatables or drinks which has fibre content to sustain their healthy digestive system. Indeed! Chicory has 0.9 grams of fibre. The very prebiotic type of fibre is Inulin. It helps in enhancing the growth of benefiting bacteria in the gut.

Apart from the rest of the factors, the insulin contents in Inulin have higher resistance to diabetes. It accelerates and maintains the sugar level running down the bloodstream.

Chicory is helpful for people who want to lower down the caffeine intake. But it is not recommended for pregnant woman or individuals are prone to allergies easily. Allergic people must maintain their ongoing substitutes until and unless advised by the doctor. Getting injured and the pain or burnings are mostly reoccurring tragedy. And here, chicory acts as a natural inflammation agent.

If you haven’t tasted chicory ever in your life, this is your day. There is always a first time for everything. Chicory cubes have been in operation since ages. But they have been much effective during this pandemic lockdown. Work from home and lessen payment is all gets us worried. You never know, maybe "Chicory" coffee turns out your mood swinger best friend and keeps you freshened, awakened, and active at the work end.

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